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360 Acrylic Aquarium Cylinder Fish Tank 78 Gallons
with LED Light & Sump Tank for Tropical Fresh Water Or Salt Walter


  • 78-gallon large 360-degree acrylic sump tank (70-gallon tank + 8-gallon Sump tank water capacity)
  • Two high power LED lights w/ 3 different colors (Blue, Purple, and White) mounted inside the canopy with a built-in feeding hole
  • An easy draining system that allows the tank to drain water quickly and efficiently
  • Sump Tank Design to allow both fresh & saltwater applications, provide better filtration power, and allows installation of additional accessories such as UV light, etc.
  • The tank stand and lid are made from glossy ABS plastic to prevent corrosion. The tank stand contains a built-in internal steel structural frame

Vepotek Aqualic 360 Acrylic Aquarium Cylinder Fish Tank 78 Gallons w/ LED Light

SKU: ACT2700
    • Made with high strength acrylic
    • Complete with stand and canopy
    • Include power compact aquarium light
    • Includes water filtration system and pump, bio ball, and air pump.
    • Brushed stainless steel finish. 
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