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Vepotek UVP Series Submersible UV sterilizer pump is designed for between 40 gallons to 200 Gallons tank. With its max flow rate up to 200 gallons/hour and special designed filtration system (Both active carbon & Bio Chem foam filter) to provide the maximum filtration capacity along with a UV light which can be turn on or off separately from the pump.

UV Sterilizer Submersible Filter Pump w/ Active Carbon Filtration

    • Design for 40 gallons tank (3Watts UV) to 200 gallons tank (w/9 Watts UV)
    • Designed with active carbon & Bio Chem foam filter
    • adjustable 90 degree (Pan) jet spray
    • Designed for Freshwater & Saltwater
    • Designed With UV Light ON/OFF Switch
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